Cameron Robinson

Main Setting: Wasteland (Stacks)

The Last Book In The Universe

Rodman Philbrick

Hello my name is spaz and so far in my life I have lost my sister and my parents. My sister is my best friend except

for Little Face. My sister Bean is now in trouble so I am on a journey and so far Ryter has saved a proov from an angry

mob and we are now traveling in a takeeve (a high tech armored vehicle). We are traveling at high speeds but I don't

yet know where we are going. So far that is my (story).

Main Character: Illistration Of (Spaz)

In The Last Book In The Universe the setting is in the future in a place called (the stacks)

or in other words a wasteland, a poor toxic wasteland. This place is covered in boxes, trash,

and many poor shelters. It is also filled with dirty, starving children and gummies. Where the

characters are going next in the story it will be like home but much worse. Everything will be

going up in flames and people will be dying, starving and in angry mobs.

Conflict: People Living In Poverty

Hello it's me, Spaz again and right now in the time I'm living in old people live

on the other side of town from us. Everybody lives in poverty except for the

proovs who live in Eden. Proovs are highly modified human beings, sort of like

robots and Eden is like a perfect world where everyone is taken care of and everybody

constantly has food water and shelter.