Kendall Funderburg

The Book Thief

By Markus Zusak



Im Liesel. Liesel Meminger. I LOVE books. They fill my life with joy and happiness. They are the one thing that takes my mind off of the real world, and the misery and destruction of what lies ahead. To start, I have no real family. I lost my brother and my mama. But I'm strong. I try not to be too miserable. Life isn't great in Nazi Germany, but its not to bad to make me hate it. I do have quite a temper when my anger urges to be released. Im sorry, but I just cant help it. I believe mama rubs off on me. So now, I'll put much effort into telling you more about how i Iook, where I live and what I do on my free time. My hair is brunette, like the color of pinecones. My eyes are also brown, like the color of bark on a redwood tree. Im not tall, but Im not very short either. I believe I get my looks from my biological mother. If you want to know one thing about me, its that Im sneaky. I have stolen from Nazi book-burnings and from Ilsa Hermann's library! I look very innocent with my two pretty braids, and no one expects a little 10 year old to be stealing. But I do. Im very confident. Its not me alone all the time though. My best pal, Rudy Steiner, is with me most times. Rudy Steiner is insane, but we were destined to be bestfriends. One of the ways we call eachother is just by cursing. "You filthy Saumensch!" is how he would adress me."Saukerl!" I'd tease. To get off of this topic, would you like to hear about my home? I live with my foster parents. My papa, Hanns Hubermann, and my mama, Rosa Hubermann. Oh how I love my Papa! Before all this book theivery, I was illiterate. Papa taught me to read, even though he dropped out in 4th grade. He is my motivation. My mama on the other hand, dropped out in third. My mama is a wonderful lady...ocasionally. But she is always ready to give me a big watschen. Would you like to know more? Well, I go to a school called the BDM. Bund Deutscher Mädchen- Band of German girls. School isnt great, because that is just one more place I could get a watschen! these things teach me to be a better person, and Ive learned that I'm only being taught of whats right and whats wrong. Through everything I have gone through, I have become very strong, adventurous, and most of all, a very smart young lady.


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Most of The Book Thief takes place in the town of Molching, just outside of Munich, Germany. The time period of the novel takes place from 1939 to 1942. In this time period, World War 2 is taking place. Much of the action, with Liesel and Rudy, takes place on Himmel Street, where the Hubermanns and Steiners live. Other action also takes place on Munich Street, the main street in town, and Grande Strasse, where the mayor and his wife live. It is on Munich Street that Rudy is beaten by Franz Deutscher, the tough, sadistic Hitler Youth leader, and Munich street is also where Liesel and Max are finally reunited when she finds him marching his way to Dachau, a concentration camp. These are clues that the city of Munich is very important to the setting of the story. In this time, Hitler rules, which means the time of the holocaust. Jewish people cannot just be out and about. Max Vandenburg, the young Jew living in the Hubermanns basement CANNOT be seen under any conditions. 1945 Hitler is no longer in rule, the war is ending, and the reunion of Max and Liesel takes place. The epilogue takes us far into Liesel's future, to the time and place of her death in Sydney, Australia


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After the book-burning the Nazi's organized for Adolph Hitler's birthday on April 20, 1940, I still wasnt fully aware of what it was like or what it was to be living in Nazi Germany in that time. When I heard a Nazi spokesman talking about death to Communists as well as Jews, I was very confused. My first thoughts were of my father, who was accused of being a Communist. I then realized that Hitler most likely had something to do with my familys deaths and disappearances. Me and my fathers departure, my brothers sad death, and my mothers strange disappearence. When Papa confirmed my suspicions after the book burning, The Fuhrer became my worst enemy. Although I didnt even know him, I hated him. This conflict drove me to steal my second book, The Shoulder Shrug, from the Nazi book-burning pile.