Kellan Fisch

Rangers Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan

John Flanagan



Character Halt: Hi my name is Halt i'm a Ranger for Castle Redmont. Im very neat and clean person. I live in a small cottage just outside of Castle Redmont. Im very mysterious if you have not met me personally you would think i'm a mean and scary person. I am strict to my apprentices. I don't look very strong, but I use to be very strong and broad, but now i shrunk and i am friend with many people in castle Redmont. I have brown eyes that blends into my greenish blackish cloak. Like Will says my brown eyes make me look mean when I teach. I have brown hair. My impression on people may be that i'm scary and look mean, but really i'm calm, nice, if i now you, and pacient. I act strict everybody doesnt know what responsibility. Im a very inteligent person when it comes to my responsibility. I am very easy to get along with. I wear a greenish blackish cloak. I am very ready for anything to happen at anytime.

The setting


This book is told in the past. The time and the place of the book is during the Knights time and the place is kingdom of Araluen, England, the setting matters so much in the book because it's Mainly a cottage just outside Castle Redmont and in the woods, but if it wasn't in the woods the book would change completely because the Ranger's are all about stealth and if this book took place in the desert than they would be dressed different. The book is in the woods like I said, but we live in a mythical land with things like wogal's. In the setting there are animals like wild boars, people like to hunt wild boars, so if this wasn't in the woods people would hunt a different animal. We like to live in the woods because it's a great place to teach people stuff. It's hard to live in that time and place because technology hasn't gone far in this time. Another reason is, that there are stuff easily that could kill you.




The Kalkara


Hi my name is Will the problem I have in the book is the exiled Lord of the Mountain's and Rain, Morgarath. In the first war he led an army of worgals. Now he has two allies The worgals and the Kalkara, fierce killers known for having eyes that would kill you or paralyze you. They look like some sort of ape-bear creature. Legend has it that their weakness is fire like the worgals are scared of horses. The feelings i had during the mission I was set to do was horrible because if I didnt get to the Baron in time I would never forgive myself from the death of Halt, my teacher, and Gilan, Halts last Apprentice. The consequence of the Kalkara to reach the king is just horrible because there were three Kalkara's, but It took three men just to take down one. The person that survived was paralyzed for life. The King of Araluen is a nice man, but the Kalkara stop at nothing to kill the man Morgarath sent them to kill.