Jayla Perry

Catching Fire

By: Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen (#1-character)

My name is Katniss Everdeen, i'm 17 years old. I love my long brown beautiful hair that my mom puts into my, now, signature braid. I wore simple clothes up until now. I just won the hunger games so now i have stylists that expect me to always be presentable and most of the time very beautiful. I do try to be as beautiful as possible except when i'm with my best friend Gale hunting i have noneed to look a certain way. when i'm out hunting i don't mind that i wear very drab clothing, but only when hunting. Although right now i haven't been able to do much hunting lately. i'm moderaly tall and very strong will. I'm very active with all my hunting and running around doing things for my motherkatniss_everdeen_by_maeve88-d4umbma.jpg and Prim, my little sister. I have a somewhat pointy nose and big brown eyes. Some of the time i have events involving my victory with The Hunger Games so i wear beautiful dresses that flow to the ground. I have tanned skin from constantly being in the sun either from hunting, being with Gale, doing shows and interviews about my victory or being with Peeta, my soon-to-be husband. When people see me, even in my drab hunting clothes, they compliment me. I have also gotten a lot of compliments on my mocking jay pin that i love. I got it from my friend Madge as my symbol to represent district 12 in The Hunger Games. When i wear my hair in its braid i always have these short hairs that look like bangs that hang down my forehead. They can get in my face and even annoy me but people think there cute and so do i.
Sometimes i have these certain traits that have become regular to me and some of them, annual. One of them is the signature braid i was talking about it goes across the back of my head and because i have such long hair it goes down my back so i usually just pull it over my shoulder. People in the capitol and Cinna my designer love it they even expect. Another is my sunday trips with gale to go hunting. we've always done it so we use to just do it without even thinking or having to remember. But, just like hunting those trips have become mucch less anual lately. Another trait i have is wearing my mockingjay pin. My friend Madge gave it to me. I love it and think it is very neat. I thought i would have to give it back to Madge after The Hunger Games were over, if i lived (which i did), but she said i didn't have to, that it was mine to keep and always was.
Everyone that you meet gives off a first impression and a physical impression. The physical impression i give off always depends on the time that a person meets me. If im about to go hunting you mite take me as simple, shy, and maby even poor. But if you met me on the way to some kind of apearance regarding my Hunger Games victory you'd see me as beautiful, confident, and wealthy. But really i'm mostly in middle. I'm not rich but not poor, im not extremly confident but definatly not shy, but i can say i do think i'm beautiful. I say i'm not rich because i don't feel as if i am, even with my Hunger Games victory money. I never use to have as much money as i do now but i miss my little old house. A firs impression i may give off is sweet. I'm very polite so i would never give off a bad first impression unless in the presance of certain people in the Capitol. Them i mite act a little diffrent around. But over all most people get a good first impression from me. I think i could say that Gale, Haymitch, Effie, Madge and maby/probly Petta have gotten good impressions of me, at lest i hope they have.

Katniss Everdeen (#2-setting)

The setting of catching fire is in dreary Panem in district 12, in a place called the victors village. We find ourselves noticing the woods, trees, and bushes surrounding this district. Considering we know how poor the district is, we know that so are the houses. We can tell this time period is in the future, because of the content of Catching Fire. It has things like The Hunger Games that don't happen in the times were in now. In the time period of catching Fire, peoople are split into districts like the one Katniss is in. The time period and setting helps us to understand that something like the hunger games wouldn't happen unless in the future setting of this book. The setting helps us to get a better understanding of why certain thingke revolts would happen in a place like this. The setting looks a certain way because thats how the athor wanted it portrayed to us. That was his vision of the future for Catching Fire.
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We've noticed how sad and dreary this district isand how people are so poor. This effects the setting in many ways the people don't have much money so there houses are very small. We've noticed the inside of these houses have limited food, few bedrooms, small beds but sometimes many people living there. The out and inside of the houses are small and ugly. So are the buildings in the same way ugly in and out. We noticed how the people effect the setting theyare a part of it in the way they dress which matches the homes.. The setting helps us get a good feel of what is going on in Catching Fire - Why things are happening why people are revolting, why the district people act a certain way ect. The overall way we see the district as is sad. they are all inclosed by woods and trees and it is illegal to enter them. The buildings are small, homes are evn smaller there are very few people. We noticed how little people there are so it is posible to know almost everyone in your district since it is so small there are not many people to know. The forest strech very far and are full enough to get lost in. We know a fairly good amount of people live in this small area, so the houses can't be far apart.
Catching Fire takes Katniss and Petta to other districts. While Katniss and peeta are on there victory tour, that shows everything that has happened in The Hunger Games, they visit all of the districts. We can tell most importantly district 8 were Rues family is. In this district you see mostly people growing food and just like district 12 it is very poor. Theres one big area were katniss and Peeta are on a stage talking. But, mostly we se that the setting of Catching fire is in distrist 12 were it is very poor and sad because of how it looksand because of how people are treated. We know that they have no rights which keeps them very inclosed so the are usually in there houses and the streets look bear. District 12 may as well be in the wild, there are trees everywhere, it looks small and empty The ground is just dirt, and it just look sad, lonely, poor, and in some cases disgusting. We can tell that most people, if not everyone, would rather be living somewhere much different and to be able to have freedom and the environment they are in just helps them to want this more. We see a just drab and cold blooded place with some people who have no conscience. It's a very sad place to be living in.

Katniss everdeen (#3 conflict)

I, Katniss, have more conflict in my life than you could ever imagine. I just got home from a terrible and cruel game that these sick people of the Capitol enjoy. twenty two people died all because of the Capitol's fear. But what they don't realize is that there little game has caused what they were trying to avoid, a revolt. They don't realize it yet but all the while there blanming me for a revolt that that hasn't even happened yet, one is going on as they speak. While i was in The Hunger Games, i teamed up with a little girl named Rue untill she died. She lived in district eight and now without her there, because of my act of defiance and her death, along with the death Thesh, district eight has revolted with an uprising caused a chain reaction with my very oiwn district 12. Everyone is tired of the Capitol and the peace keepers, who really

aren't keeping peace, causing the very defiance they are trying to stop. This uprise was not just out of the blue this defiance this hatred has been bubbling and boiling inside of everyone for years and will until something is done. Even if that means we have to be the ones to do it and it is an unprising. I hate the Capitol myself, always have always will, but what i have come to realize is that the capitol does have decent people, Cinna, Haymitch, Portia, and no matter what i think i can say Effie has some kind of decency but i struggle to find it some of the time. I might not have said Haymitch a while ago because he was always yelling, i thought he favored Peeta, and mostly he was always drunk. But, he was the one who kept me alive in The Hunger Games. But, other than that The Capitol people are really just there to be cruel. I also have a strong hate for some of the peace keepers. One of the things i dislike is the name they are saposed to keep the peace and have everyone stay in there place but i know peace isn't killing people in the front of a whole district or whipping them for killing an animal that they need to survive, for maby a week. What i'm refering to is when my best friend was whipped for that reason right in front of me.
But, mostly over all the most conflict i sthe uprising that just happened in my district. After the one in district 8 who was to say we couldn't stand up for ourselves. So we did we got together, all of district12, and we were finally abl to stand up for ourselves. but, the consequence was death for many people. I heard gun shots, whips and any thing they could use to try to keep us under control. I know, though, the real reason these uprisings happened was somewhat because of me, but i don't think all these years of hatred can be pinned on me. When i was in The Hunger Games Peeta and myself were going to comit suicide so thatwe wouldn't have to kill each other.But, the capitol wanted atleast one winner which they wouldn't have got if we had done it. So, they allowed us both to live. They saw this as an act of defiance and that, that was what had caused people in other districts to think that they could stand up too. So over all the conflict is the uprising i just caused.