Jack Thurber

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Anthony Horowitz


Alex Rider


Hi my name is Alex Rider and I am fourteen years old. My body is built and athletic. I have fair hair and brown serious eyes. I usually wear average clothes and most of the time I get along with people. I like to play two sports, soccer and karate. I go to Brookland high school and have good grades. I know four languages, those are English,French, German, Spanish, and some Russian. I can do lots of gymnastics and have a very good grip. I live in a two story house with my uncle, Ian Rider and our house keeper, Jack. I live in Chelsea London with my uncle. I'm very curious about things and very courageous. I always think its weird that my uncle is on business trips for a long time, but mostly I don't worry about it. Also I wonder what my uncle does at his job, but I don't want to ask him.



The setting of the book is in Chelsea, London and the time is some where in the 2000s. Chelsea, London is an average city in London that has lots of buildings. In Chelsea they have a two story high school called "Land high school," and that is where alex goes to school. There is also a very large bank called "Royal and General," and that is where Ian Rider worked at. The main place in Chelsea is Herod Sayle's mansion. The mansion has a metal fence around it to protect it. Next to the fence is a huge driveway and a long lawn. The mansion is very large and wide with only some windows. There is a huge water tank in the mansion filled with animals called "Physalia Physalia". In the upstairs area there are many rooms including a guest room. Downstairs there is a very big dinning room with lots of butlers coming in and out, serving food. Down in the basement there are secret rooms that only give access to Sayle's people. Alex went to Sayle's mansion to investigate and is very suspicious.


In my adventure of being a spy, the biggest conflict was that the stormbreakers being shipped out to schools with smallpox inside. Finding out about the stormbreakers,


made me change everything I thought I knew about him. After I found out that Sayle is trying to kill everyone, it made me realize that I needed to stop the prime minister from activating the stormbreakers. The only problem for me is that I'm very far away from the prime minister. Sayle said that in school, people would bully him and the person who bullied him the most was the prime minister. Sayle wanted revenge for the prime minister, so he is going to make the prime minister be responsible for the deaths of all the school children. When I broke out of the house, people started to chase me in cars, so I hijacked a car and set of for the cargo plane. I shot a harpoon at the plane, and climbed the wire to the plane and got in. When I was in the plane, I told the pilot to go to the museum and he did so. When we got there, I jump out of the plane. I set a smoke bomb in the plane, and the plane crashed to the ground. I crashed into the museum and stopped him from touching the button by shooting his hand, but Sayle got away. When the M16 agency congratulated me and let me go I went into a car to go home. It turned out that the diver of the car was Sayle and he took me on top of a building. Sayle put a bomb down and said that he was going to set the bomb off, but before he could press the button he got shot in the heart. Yassen Gregovich then got in to a helicopter and waved goodbye at me.