Felipe Gama

Ranger's Apprentice (Book 1

John Flanagan


Hi, my name is Will. I am a 15 year old boy. I have been chosen to be a Ranger's Apprentice. I am a very thin teen. I am partners with Halt. I am a Ranger that protects the kingdom.

I were a gray cloak to hide in the dark. I have green eyes and a small nose. My hair is brownish and long. I did not know that rangers are the protectors of the kingdom who will fight the battles before battles reach the people.

I am the apprentice of Halt. For my age I am very small, I guess thats why I could not go to battle school. I am constantly in the dark so that no one can see me.

I was a ward (another name for an orphan) in Castle Redmont. Growing up my friends were Alyss, Jenny, and George they were also wards. Frequently I was bullied by Horace who makes fun of me for my size.


Each year wards turning 15 can apply to be chosen as an apprentice. I am the Ranger of Redmont Fief. Though I wished to be a knight I was chosen to be Halt's Apprentice.



The Ranger's Apprentice is set in a world based on ours in medieval times. The main characters are from Araluen (England) and the series takes place in and around the country.