Ezra Barr-Charles

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The People of Sparks Lina: I am a girl with two blonde ponytails with braids. Ever day I wear my favorite Red sweater shirt, with my favorite baby blue capris.
Sometimes my face is dirty and sometimes it's clean it dependes on the mood I'm having. I am a very curious girl if you haven't noticed. If you want to learn more about me, keep reading.

Hello my name is Lina and I am a person who doesn't really know stuff that regular people know. The reason is because I lived under ground all my life and didn't even know it at the time.
One example: I didn't know what an egg was until the doctor explained to me what it was and where it came from. But why would anyone eat that nasty, yucky,gooey, sticky stuff? I noticed what was inside an egg when i threw one at Torren because he kept pushing me. That's when I decided I didn't want to eat it anymore.
One thing that really surprised me was, when the doctor didn't know what aspirin's were. The only reason why I knew what aspirin's were, is because my city, Ember, used it all the time for people who were ill.
Another example is, I really didn't know what a chicken was, until I saw it walking towards me and started making these strange nosies at me. The noises sounded like: Bach Bach Bach Bach. To be honest it really surprised me in a scary way. It seemed like it was trying to attack me , but I realized it was trying to protect itself from harm.


images.jpeg The hill The City Of Ember came before.

For me, the details help us figure out when the settinging and where it takes place. All he details are really good and detailed I guess you an say in a way. The way they descibe specific things tell me that it took place like in the 3000 or close to that time at least.I don't think Doctors now a days don't use books to look for medicines for patients becaus they go to school and learn all the tecnics like: Know at least half the medicines and perscription, and appointments.
But in The People of Spark,The Doctor uses her book this medicines book for her patents and she doesn't know what half of the ingredents are so she can't do the treatments onher patients.I don't know if it's wierd that the characters live in like the 3000's. But I guess not because there days are just like our days because al we have to do get up, go to school/work have a good dayat school/work, get home, eat, go to bd, ad dothe same the next day. But for he people spark they have to l work really hard an likhave to pull cabbage ad dig holes and stuff like that. I'm glad that our life isn't like that and our world doesn't revole around that. Well acuallyit kind of does but we don't have do that stuff. That's what I thing the setting of the book is.