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Name: Katniss Everdeen


From: The Seam, District 12

Lives:District 13

Information: My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am seventeen years old, and I have been in the Hunger Games twice. I have fought to the death and survived with my bow and arrow as my only instrument. It kept me and my family alive in our time of need. Without it I would be dead. I have long brown hair and gray eyes, nothing like my mother or sister, Prim's. I don't care much about my looks, but after the games my face has been broadcasted all across the nation of Panem, so I have become known for my signature side braid. My favorite color is green, like the forest where i used to roam with my father. Where he taught me to hunt. My father died when I was eleven and I soon took over as the genral provider for my family. I was victor in the 74th annual Hunger Games and rescued from the Quarter Quell. After having learned that District 12, my home, was bombed, I was brought to District 13 to join the rebellion. I soon became the face of it as the Mockingjay, a symbol of freedom, an animal never meant to be created.


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In post-apoctolyptic North America, the sturdy government is overpowering and out of control. They are well equipt with an extrodinary weapon selection, hovercrafts, and brutal peacekeepers. The hated president is also prepared with rows of children positioned in front of his luxurious mansion for his protection against the also well equipt, rebels. The Nation of Panem is a large and vastly spread accross a previous United States of America. It is also divided into seperate provinces similar to the country before it. Under the reign of the hideous people hidden by the elaborate and flamboent surroundings. The rebellious people are distressed in their run-down villages with less than enoug food to quench the hunger of the many families forced into poverty.


I am fighting not only with the rebellion against the capitol, but i am also fighting against myself. I am begining to question my previous thoughts on those I trusted and those I loved. My doubts of the Capitol have turned into sour hatred and pure disgust. My feelings toward the rellion leader, President Snow, are not much diferent. She must be be trying to anialate me, allowing Peeta to accompany our team in our most important mission, after all he has done. She would know it was a terrible plan. He will try to kill me again. If not me, injury to another team mate is garunteed. I feel as though I may never see the day Peeta is himself again. I feel as though I am being forced to love the complicated relationship between Gale and I. The broken love i feel for Gale is only surpassed by the lost love I feel for Peeta. However, the horrid feelings I have against the Capitol and President Snow are matched by no other. I hate the president. I must see him dead. There is no way i could possibly die without knowing this dispicable creature mistaken for a human being, is overthrown and buried beneath the guilt of the lost children.

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