Eliza Wechsler-Azen


Photograph of character-


Hi! My name is Torren. I am the little brother of the great roamer,Casper.
Casper is the greatest! When I grow up, I'm going to be just like him!He loves me, but doesn't really show it. I am not super tall or stocky but I have light brown hair, messy, normally, I am thin, but I eat a lot, and I love climbing anything. Trees, mills, wind towers, etc. I live with my Aunt, the Dr. Hester. My uncle, Ben, is the mayor, but he doesn't visit and i have not seen him in many many years. Also, I hate the stupid people from Ember! They take me and Caspars loft, my good foods, attention, and now my clothing is less well made. The threading is loose and badly woven! Lina also threw an egg at me! She doesn't even know what it is! They are so stupid! But I got back at them. I took two WHOLE cartons of tomatoes and threw them against a wall, ruining it them all, then blaming it on that other ignorant guy, Doon! He got in a lot of trouble because nobody believed them! I love getting people in trouble, and causing havoc. I also love getting a ton of attention. I don't have many friends, but that's alright! People don't generally like me.I hate them! For my future, I hope to be a great roamer just likle Caspar, and be as big and strong as him!



I would say the setting takes place in a mainly rural area. It has a forest, with trees, so they have berries, and other provisions. They have large fields for farming and growing all their food such as, grain, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and other things. This is a bit of a problerm in the book because if the crops fail, everyone fails. Also, the people of Sparks grew these things so the will most likely not be wanting to share there own hard work and years of effort with strangers who haven't helped whatsoever and are eating there foods. This book, I believe, takes place in the future, around 3000 A.D. I am pretty sure this is true because of the proof in the book. Such as, the dead buildings in "the city" they describe them as once shiny buildings such as common day buisness buildings. They, also, found an old monopoly set, pieces missing, and dolls. The most suprising factor in this is the fact of the disaster. It seems as if it wiped away all countries, states, and continents. It also got rid of electricity. Torren, tells Lina that they once had doors that had magiccal eyes and could see when you were coming, so they opened automatically. These are the kinds of doors we have. This book setting is in a woodland/field area in the year 3000.

The Conflict-


The conflict in this book is food and shelter. The Emberites just barge in there asking for food and shelter. This is okay for a while, while the Sparks are very generous and try to exceed expectations like providing delicious foods such as;peas, pumpkin bread, pickled carrots, mashed potato pie, fresh peas with chives, walnut croquettes, mushroom gravy, cheese popovers, red-onion-and-bean dumplings, scrambled eggs with tomato bread, apricot pudding, and apple butter cookies. But, in time, they got much, less abundant in food. This now became a problem for everybody. The Emberites didn't know anything so it was difficult to work and the sun was too hot and they got sore. In time, the people of Ember were taking all of there provisions. So what happened is a boy named Tick. He is rotten and wants war and lots of hard work but not to works himself. He does hate crimes against his own people just for a nice blood-bath, and having a lot of food. So he did that and they got into huge fights and the Emberites did hate crimes against the people of Sparks. The conflict is, food. The problem is the emberites think they have surplus of food. That, I believe, is the shortage of food.