Diana Kushnir

The Lightning Thief

Rick Riordan



Hello, my name is Percy Jackson. I go to Yancy Academy a school for troubled kids, you are probably wondering what my problems are, I have ADHD and Dyslexia. I have sea-green eyes and jet-black hair. I once "pushed" Nancy Bobofit and Mrs. Dodds saw took me to a private room and she then turned into an evil monster with big, leathery wings, Mr. Brunner came in and threw me a golden pen, it then flipped and turned into a bronze sword the same that Mr. Brunner uses for the battles we have in the "arena." I then sliced her and she turned into golden dust. I went outside and Nancy said, "I hope that Mrs. Kerr whooped your butt!" I asked Grover where she went he first hesitated then said there is no such person, I then asked Mr. Brunner where she was and said that there was never any Mrs. Dodds at the school of Yancy Academy and told me to give him his pen back and bring my own pen next time. I once overheard that my best friend Grover was talking to Mr. Brunner that I was seeing past the mist and was not fully "protected." I was thinking that him protecting me? It is the other way around! One day when we were on a bus it broke down and there were three old ladies sewing socks and one cut a thread, Grover asked in a nervous voice, " Did you see them cut the thread?" I said yes and asked, "Is somebody gonna die?" He looked mournful as if already picking flowers for my coffin. I then later saw why he walked funny, because the bottom half of him was goat. He handed me a card that said Camp Half-blood. I asked him what it was and he told me, "Don't say that name out loud, and it is my camp for over the summer." I thought great even my friend has a fancy camp to go to. When I got home my step-dad was there and he said that I had money because it takes money to ride a bus so I should give him the change for him and his poker buddies. Then, I went to my bedroom and my mom came in and told me we would go to Lake Montauk right when we got packed, she also handed me a bag of candy. When we were all done packing our stuff into the Camaro we headed off. When we got there we had a nice time and ate some of the candy my mom gave me and then we went to sleep and I had a dream of a white horse and golden eagle fighting then I shouted NO and woke up. We went outside and there was Grover and he said "he" was chasing him. We went into the Camaro and we were off, we drove until we saw a big pine tree and we crashed. I saw a shadowy figure behind us it was very big, my mom said, "Get out of the car." We went out and she said, "See the pine tree, go and pass it!" I said, "No mom i'm not leaving you alone." When the thing approached I saw it was half bull. It went after my mom and I then saw it turned her into dust and then I killed it and took it's horn and went past the pine tree with Grover to find camp half-blood.



I was at Yancy Academy in New York but it ended and i'm now at home with my mom and step-dad smelly Gabe. She handed me candy and said we were going to Lake Montauk. When we finished packing everything Gabe said, "Not even a scratch got it brain boy?" Then we were off, once we got there we ate some food and went to bed. I had a dream that a white horse and golden eagle were fighting on the shore of the beach and I shouted NO, and woke up. We ate some more food and then Grover ran over and said "He" after him we went I killed the minatour and then went to camp half-blood. I was also hurt and was treated by Annabeth and Chiron which is Mr. Brunner. When I woke up I saw people were playing volleyball, picking strawberries, playing a double reed flute or were doing an activity of some sort. I was then assigned to Hermes's cabin and then I ate at the feast with them and had to give a little into the bonfire. I didn't know which one to give it to so I asked for the answer saying, " Please tell me what god is my father." It was cool because we got to say what type of drink we wanted and it poured into the cup itself. Later when we played capture the flag Luke which taught me to fight with a sword assigned me to be the shore guard I heard a howl and then it disappeared when Clarisse came. We fought and she had a spear that was filled with lightning then broke it in half and our group won I was hurt and weak so I went into the water and felt better and got healed. Then a hellhound came it was about to attack but Chiron shot it down with an arrow and then Annabeth said Chiron watch this and told me to go into the water I did and then felt better. They looked at me amazed but not me healing but the sign above my head. This was bad, I was claimed by Poseidon.

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I was at camp half-blood playing capture the flag and then Clarisse came we fought I won and broke her spear which was full of lightning. After the round that our team won a hellhound came and tried to attack me but Chiron shot it down with an arrow. I was hurt from it and from the fight with Clarisse so I went into the water and felt better and all the scratches healed up. Annabeth saw and told me to do it so Chiron could see. When I went back in everyone looked at me in awe but not at the scratches healing but the sign above my head, I was claimed by Poseidon. This was bad, it meant I was dangerous for the camp and couldn't do any quests.This made me accused for stealing Zues's master bolt and Hades's helm of darkness. Since I did this I ended up being assigned a quest to get the things back to their rightful owner until summer solsctice. I fought lots of bad guys and when they came they always shouted where is it? This meant not a person but a thing so that meant that they looked for the lightning bolt of helm. When we got to the train there was a fat lady and a chihuaha and the lady turned into a type of reptile and her name was Echinda and the chihuaha turned into a chimera. I tried to fight them off to save the people still there but I knew I wouldn't win so I jumped off into the river beside the bridge. I became healed and saw a woman that told me to go to the ocean. When we went there she was back and gave me three pearls and said use them when you need protection or to be safe and said, "Whatever comes from the ocean comes back to the ocean." Then dissapeared. Then we went off to the underworld. When we got there Annabeth made sure that Cerberus didn't eat us or step on us. When we got past that Grover was flown by his flying shoes to a deep dark hole and a voice spoke out of it very deep and heavy and it made wind blow us in but we got away. We went to Hades's throne room and I felt my backpack get very heavy and then we said we didn't have the lightning bolt. Then Hades said, "Open your backpack and check." When I checked it was in there we used the three pearls and got back to the sea then Ares was there and it was trap that he gave us the backpack to get us in trouble. We fought and I beat him, in a way. I then went to the empire state building and gave Zues back his bolt. Then I went back to camp half-blood we celebrated then everyone left and Annabeth was going home over the summer and I thought so would I. Also I became very ill because Luke was actually evil and made a scorpion bite me which was very poisonus and Annabeth saved my life.