Diana Avalos

Catching Fire

Suzanne collins



My name is Katniss Everdeen. I'm 17 years old and I have been in the Hunger Games. I have long brown hair that I usually wear in a braid and brown eyes. Most people who knew my dad say I look just like him.I still go to the lake and the woods. Me and him would always go to the lake when we had time alone. Although now I go to the woods with my best friend. I learned to hunt with a bow and arrow was because my dad taught me how to hunt just in case hewould be leave. At that time I couldn't imagine him leaving us.He died by a mining explosion not many survived but the ones who did survived will forever have an emotional scar. I'm great at hunting and now i'm good at setting traps but not as good as my best friend. Rich people l

ook down on me because of how I act and How I dress. Now we are living a great life , but I feel out of place as if I don't belong here. I was meant to be in our old house not in this huge house. I wear old rags when I go hunting because if I get a stain on mynew "fancy" clothes I would be looked as a girl who had to threat her way into a good life. That wouldmean everyone complaining and we would get kicked out the last thing i want is for my family to suffer for my actions. Prim once asked me why I kept hunting if we lived a good life now and I said well just in case we leave we have food. But of course I was lying the only reason I keep going to hunt in the woods is because i want to keep something with me fro my old poor life. Although maybe if we do leave we can have food but it'll be spoiled by then. I wear a side braid because when I am hunting it keeps the hair away from my face. President Snow came to visit mrecently and well as i thought it was bad news. See because me and Peeta were going to kill our selfs because we didn't want to kill each other he thinks we have devised a plan to take over but we just din't want to kill each other. So we have to act so in love that people forget our rebellious actions. I like being the person in charge because it makes me fell important, but it does come with great responsibilities. As any other important job. I haven't read much books, but i have read this one book that i loved it is from way long ago like 2005 but it is still good. It is called the Lightning Thief. It was a boy who ha


s mystical magical powers, and has to fight off all kinds monsters.

Setting In catching firre we find the people in Panem struggling to find a way out of their governments system. They want to find a way to leave but the only way to leave is if your dead. The government is like society basicly they are saying I can take your kids and kill them. Thats how so

ciety wants you to think is that they have complete control over what happens in your life. Panem has 12 districts. Each district has things for its citizens to do. In district 12 there is a lake were people can swim and just have a good time but not may people know about it. Also each district has different ways of treating people like in district 11 they kill people if they just do one little mistake.

imagIn district 12 they don't do that they don't have as much protection as the district 11. Each and every person in each district have different opinions about things some may not like the games but again they can't revolt or else they will get the penalty of death and i don't think that they want to die yet. little rues sister is like an exact replica of rue. All districts have their own ways discipline. If you whistle when your suppose to be doing something else then you will get killed by a peacekeeper which doesn't make sense because they're suppose to try and keep the peace between the people and the capitol. Many people who look like innocent people may want to revolt because of how are treated. They may not want to speak up but they want to deep inside of them. If you do speak up they just may be so angry at you that you will be killed in about 2 seconds less if they are furious.Places in Panem afe the market place which can also be a black market depending on which district your in. Many people don't realize what theyare doing when they step one foot in Panem. Panem is a pretty dangerous country. With all the drama that goes on in everybody's daily.

Conflict Hi it's Katniss again, and if you know me then you would know that i'm innocent i haven'y done anything wrong so far. President snow thinks i'm making g everyone revolt with my devious actions.All i've done is do what i'm suppose to do which is act in love with Peeta. As i was told him if i wanted Gale to stay alive. Now this is somehow my fault that everyone is starting to complain. Which now it is started this revolution agaarbriqt-copia.jpgainst the capitol and district 13 .All the people who were in that district are complaining that the treatment that they get is un fair and unruly. People say that it is because how have great leader skills that they decided to stand up for themselves but really all I did was act as if I was madly in love with Peeta I guess I didn't fool everyone. If gale ever finds out that i'm in love with Peeta then he will surely get furious I hope I have time to explain to everyone that the capitol may no be as bad as they think. Everything was doing so good until now i can't believe what I have caused. Gale, My mom, Prim and all my friends and family they'll be gone.