Delaney Soto

The Lost Hero, Rick Riordan



My name is Piper Mclean. I'm fifteen years old with stringy, chocolate brown hair that I like to put in two braids slung across my shoulders. My eyes change colors like a kaleidoscope- brown, blue, and green, and I wear no makeup. I wear ordinary clothes, usually just jeans, a t-shirt, a comfortable jacket, and some sturdy boots. I have an eighteen inch long dagger that's perfect for me, even though people thinks it's cursed. I also speak French and charmspeak.

My boyfriend, Jason Grace, son of the great Greek god Zeus, is so cute. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and a scar above his lip that forms in an arch when he smiles. Just a few weeks ago we started going out. It took me forever for him to notice me! But when we were on our way to the Grand Canyon, he said he didn't remember aything, which got me worried. But I try to not let it get to me. Anyways, we met at Wilderness School, the place for bad kids. I was attracted to him the minute I saw him! Okay, you're probably wondering why I was at that camp. Well, I like to steal things. So I got into Wilderness school when I stole a BMW. But it wasn't my fault. I asked the guy if I could have it, and he said yes. I was actually kind of glad when I got there, because there I met Jason, and I wasn't at one of those fancy schools my dad puts me in.

Other than that, sometimes my dad is cool to hang around with. But my dad is Tristan Mclean, a famous actor every girl drools over, so I am a little, but special, part of his life. We have fun when we hang out with each other. We go to old, special places, or places that we can create memories in. I also like how he has his little special nickname for me, Pipes. I keep his career a secret though. I'm not the bragger type, or the attention craver. So the only people who know is Jason, and our friend, Leo. Yes, the famous dad life isn't working out for me so well. The only one I'm looking for in my dad is the real dad. The one who I can spend time with. The one I think about all the time.

My mom is a different story. I don't know much about her. She left my dad in pain when I was just a little baby. She's also very famous, because she is the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. She claimed me at Camp Half-Blood, where every camper is considered a demi-god. Well, I hated it. First of all, I got a lot of attention, which I hate, and I looked too girlish. Everything I had on was perfect: the makeup, dress, hair. Also, that's means I'm sisters with the snotty, bossy, and flirty Drew. I hate her. She's always snapping orders at everyone, flirting with Jason, and being just rude. So Aphrodite just ruined my life. But she did give me one thing useful about myself- I can charmspeak. That gets me out of trouble a lot.


My name is Leo Valdez. I'm sixteen years old and look like a latino elf with my curly black hair, pointy ears, a cheerful babyish face, brown eyes, and a mischevious smile. I have strong hands that go well with my long, nimble fingers. I like to fiddle with things when nervous or bored, and I have ADHD, which is hard to deal with I'm pretty much a master of tools. I like to take apart something, then build it back togther. I got my hobby from my mom. I miss my mom so much. We would work in her tool shop together. She would let me play with anyting, even though I was only five years old. Well, I accidently killed her when I started a fire in the shop. Somehow I made it out in time. I don't to think about that night, though. My dad left when I was just born, so after my mom died, I had to go to a bunch of foster homes. I hated it. From the age of eight, I would run away from those homes.

That's how I got to Wilderness Camp, the camp for bad kids. There, I met my best friend, Jason Grace. But for the past few weeks before we left, he's been making me feel like a third wheel ever since he started going out with Piper. Piper is my friend too, just not as good as a friend as Jason. I am a ladies man, but Piper's just not my type. Anyways, Jason's been freaking me out lately. On our field trip to the Grand Canyon, he said he lost his memory and doesn't remember anything. At first I thought he was joking, but then I realized he was serious. There at the field trip we went to Camp Half-Blood, where all the campers are considered demi-gods.

I sometimes remember my old babysitter, Tia Callida. I have visions of her telling me how I was going to be a great hero someday and that I need to prepare for that special day. But I was only a baby then, and these were at random times like now.

Even though I've never met my dad before, he sounds like a cool guy. My dad is very famous, as he's the Greek god Hephaestus. He's not as appreciated as he should be, though. People will point out he's the LAME blacksmith and his family just works with tools and has strong hands. The family's also been having a streak of bad luck ever since Bekendorf, the dragon tamer, died. What's worse is that I get his old bed. But I'm worried about what powers my dad has given me. The family of Hephaestus hasn't had a member with fire powers since 1666, and he destoyed all of London! But my dad has also given me an advantage. I'm the only relative who can tame the family's fifty ton, bronze, robotic dragon, Festus.



We preview the setting in this book in the present. It's very mystical. Piper, Leo, and Jason end up at Camp Half-Blood, a camp for demi-gods, also called Half-Bloods. That means the daughters or sons of a Greek god or goddess. The camp is loaded with mystical creatures, orange t-shirts, and stone. It's located in Buffalo, New York, and only demi-gods from the ages of thirteen to eighteen can be allowed to join. Every daughter or son of the same Greek god or goddess is considered siblings, and they all share a cabin designed especially for their mom and dad. Here at Camp Half- Blood, you will see lots of mythical creatures, cool summer lakes, soft, green grass, and beautiful stone statues and buildings. At this camp, these children have their own job, behalf on their parent. But there are two Camp Half-Bloods, one which follows the Greek gods and goddesses, and one who follows the Roman ones.



My name is Jason Grace, and I'm a demi-god and the son of the Roman god, Jupiter. Anyways, somehow we were chosen to be at Camp Half-Blood. As in we, I mean my kind-of girlfriend, Piper, and my best friend, Leo. We were supposed to help this guy named Percy Jackson, since he's been missing. But by now we're on a mission to save the Greek goddess, Hera, who is trapped inside a cage. She needs us to come and save her. I know this because she sent me this in my dreams. But now there's more problems! We have to go save Piper's dad, the famous actor Tristan Mclean, and we have to keep Mother Earth, Gaea, from waking up so she doesn't destroy all mortals. We already had problems before this too. Actually, let's go back to that.

So before the whole quest started, I woke up in a bus, filled with teenagers. I was holding hands with a girl I didn't know, and a boy was talking to me, who I didn't know either. I didn't know anything or anyone around me. Not even myself. Then they told me who I was and what they were doing here. Poor Piper. I honestly didn't mean to hurt her feelings. I knew I meant so much to her, and now I don't even know her name. Anyways, we went to the Grand Canyon, where we all, including Coach Hedge, who is half-goat, half-man, a satyr, who disappeared, but got rescued later on in the quest, helped us defeat a storm spirit. That's where we got picked up by Annabeth, Percy's girlfriend, and another friend to go to Camp Half-Blood.

Piper was holding it all in till she couldn't handle it anymore, towards the end of our journey. Piper's dad, famous actor Tristan Mclean, was in trouble. She had a vision of him hung from a post, half unconsious, right by a flaming fire, about to be eaten by a cylclopes. We had three days to rescue him until he was eaten, the same amount of time for the two other tasks. Then there was me. She expected me to treat her like I was her boyfriend, and she was my girlfriend. But I just couldn't do it. We grew in friendship, and I actually like


her a lot, but I don't think I want to tell her that.

Leo had to deal with two deaths of loved ones. Festus, and his mom. Even though that dragon was just a machine, Festus was especially important to him. Leo rebooted that dragon with his own bare hands, and to see him die like that broke his heart. Festus also had a big part in the quest, too. He helped us go where we needed to. We got to other places after the accident, but it just wasn't the same. When Festus was gone, he was burned to ashes, but his head seemed alright, so Leo kept it, as a good memory. Some day, he's going to rebuild it, I just know it.

Since Leo's dad was Hephaestus, the Greek god of blacksmith and fire, his dad barely got to see him. So he lived only with his mom, and those were the best days of his life. He said he would help her around the tools shop, where she worked. One day, one of Gaea's minions, a storm spirit, was going after his mother while he was outside. His mother was inside the shop. He got so ferious he accidently used his fire powers to put the shop on fire, enough to collapse the building. He was inside. then out in a matter of seconds. The next day, he found out his mother hadn't made it out of the fire in time. He went to foster homes, and he had ran away six times.

Sometimes people have so much pain inside.

So this is where we begin our stories. During the quests, we fought verocious monsters, and almost got killed! We met so many gods and goddesses, evil people, storm spirits, and giant cyclopes. We broke down and sticked together. We even managed to get back Coach Hedge. We went to many places, and met our god or goddess parent in our dreams. We couldn't have done it without each other, which made our friendship (and my relationship with my full on girlfriend, Piper) grow. We completed the quest and had a party back at Camp Half-Blood.

But there was still one more thing figured out. I'm supposed to be at the Roman Camp Half-Blood. Percy Jackson is supposed to be where I'm at. At the Greek Camp Half-Blood.