Cody Cobabe

Mockingjay By: Suzanne Collins


Katniss.JPGThe main character in this book would have to be Katniss Everdeen.I am Katniss Everdeen, the main character of the book Mockingjay.I tell this story in my prospective. "I did not ever trust the capital, but this has gone to far." I would say in a interview after a bombing in district 8.

In this book I am having some mental conflict with myself about being the mockingjay of the rebbles. Ihave other more important problems such as I have a hudge hole in my wrist where the capital took out my personal tracker after the games. I am also part deaf because of something that I dont want to talk about that happened in my first hunger games.

The way that the reader should imagine me is a tall, skiney with long brown hair. I am a leader and a born rebel.

I don't know everything that I need to know in this book. One thing that I do know is that the interviews that I see on telivision with my friend Peeta Melark are fake. The capital is trying to get me annoyed. try to et me to start a war. Rebels verses the Capital. Then the Capital plans to start something much worse than The Hunger Games.

I am verry athlethic. I used to go hunting with my best friend Gale Hawthorn. Together we were strong. Seporate that is a different story.


The setting of Mocking jay is in mainly in the blown up district 13. Picture your city in ruins and secretly living under ground. would you like it? Katniss surely did not. "I just wish that I could go up to the surface." She would say.

All of the rebels in 13 are prepairing for a war. Each has a schueadle printed on his or her arm telling where they need to be every seccond of the day.

Katniss will lead the up coming war so she is going arround all the districts getting them ready for the war. While she is traveling she will see different scenes. Such as districs 8,12,and 13 have been blown up. The other districts have as much beauty as they are going to get life on the surface.

This is a a featureistic story takig place in the ruins of North America (Panem).

If this story took place some were else the people would not be as punished as they are in the book. Katniss realizes that there is more stress in Panem than she thought in this book. The government is harsh and not verry well orginized. They stay harsh to keep the the people to turn against the capital again.


The main conflict in the book Mockingjay is when the capital is starting a war to get what they want. Peace and full control in the districts. If I were to be there at this place in time I would not be happy with what is going on with the people and surrondings.