Bryce Kvick



Hello, My name is Katniss Everdeen, but you may know me as the Mocking Jay. I have dark brown hair and like to put in a braid. I was born in district twelve, Panem. I am seventeen years old and I live with my mother, and my sister. My father passed away when i was about twelve years old by a mining accident. Before my father passed away he taught me how to hunt with a bow and arrow and how to out smart different animals. My hunting partner Gale says I have the most beautiful eyes but Peeta Mellark likes my nose. I am pretty thin but strong at the same time. I must be strong fast, athletic, and have very good endurance to be able to hunt and provide for the kitchen in district 13. I provided for my mom, my sister and myself from age thirteen to age sixteen. During the time I was entered in my first Hunger Games my hunting partner, Gale helped support my mom, and sister. After I won the seventy-fourth Hunger Games. I really didn't need to hunt any more because the capital was providing all of the food for my family. I still hunted though because it was relaxing to me. after a




The setting in Mockingjay is Panem. Panem has twelve districts but there is one district that they destroyed because of them rebelling. But the district is still under ground trying to find ways to over run the capital.This is where Katniss is. Pamem is a futuristic country that rose up after disaster struck. The capital is very controlling and the president is a tyrant. District 13 is a very well run under ground facility. They were attacked by the capital with bunker missiles but since they had safe houses really far down into the earth that they were evacuated to they were safe from missiles that the capital attacked them with. This type of situation could only happen here because of the tyranny and the disaster that struck America. This setting also effects the characters because of the advanced technology. Katniss must also hide in the streets of her own capital city. That is why it could only happen in this time and place.



Hello, my name is Katniss Everdeen and I am going to tell you all of the troubles that I have had in the last three or four months in my life. First, I was a tribute for the Hunger Games for the 2nd time. Then I shot the force field with my arrow and there was an explosion. I was rescued by the rebels of District 13 where my mother, my sister, Gail and half the population of District 12 was. Once I got to District 13 I realized that my love, Peeta was missing. The capital took him and was holding-3 months. Then the rebels went back to the capital and rescued Peeta. Once I had Peeta back in my possession I could really focus on defeating the capital. Gail, Peeta, and I couldn't fight though because we were the main targets to kill. We stayed with an ally named Tigris in the basement of his shop for awhile. We have just been informed that peoples shops and homes will be used for housing. President Snow mansion is also being used as housing. So Gail and I are going to dress up as civilians and go to President Snow's mansion with the intent to kill him.