Ashley Del Pilar

The Book Thief

By Marcus Zusak


My name is Rudy Steiner. I am also known as Jesse Owens because I painted my body black and ran a hundred meter dash. People call me names that means dirty things that you find on the bottom of your shoe. The names that they call me are hurtful but I learn to live with them. Liesel plays soccer with me she is my best friend even though I haven't known her for long. Sometimes I act crazy other times i can be funny. I could act sensible and throw in a joke at the same time. Liesel is different from other girls she doesn't care what she looks like she doesn't care what people think of her. Her hair is like the color of the mud after it just rained a brown that looks untouched. Her eyes are the color of the purest dirt in Germany. My hair color is like a haystack on a farm. My eyes are like the sky, blue but without the gray clouds that keep it away from me. It feels like its keeping a secret like the sun wants us to know something. Rumors were spread about Liesel I didn't care when they were doing it to my sister but to Liesel i have this stuff boiling in me like the pot when Ma' leaves it to go chop the vegetables. Me and the pot have something in common we want to spill, overflow what we have whats inside of us. I risked my life to save Liesel she jumped into the river I went after her. I was in deaths grasped but some how I slipped out of it like it was a bad dream. I am not the ripest apple from the tree or the sharpest knife in the drawer. But their is on thing that I would treasure and it is my friendship with Liesel.

I would say that I don't see a person for what they look like or the first time that I talk to them. You could say that I don't judge a book by its cover. The very first time I saw Liesel I was looking through the window waiting for the rain to pass and dinner to get done. Then I looked at the Hubermanns and saw a black car pull beside the house. I figured it would just be one of Rosa's customers getting mad but it rarely happens. But Rosa got out of the car with a mysterious man. They were pulling something out of the car. I thought it was heavy bag because they were having a hard time with it. THen the started yelling words. Words that were too colorful and beyond my speech would come by for a typical nine year old like me. I caught a glimpse of it when they finally got it out of the car. It wasn't a bag but a girl about my age. Then all the kids from my neighborhood wanted to play soccer. She simply asked and with a nod I responded. She jogged to the net between the trees and positioned herself so she was half standing half squatting. Then I got my opportunity to shoot so I kicked but she blocked it just with a flick of her wrist she was good. Then in school she was quiet and Sister Maria was picking on her so I stood for her. But she was quiet I wanted to break that barrier between us . I wanted to know her.



This cold place where the people in green with the sign that shouts and means death sewn into their uniform. They burn what ever they can get there hands on but mostly books or enemies propaganda. While they burn the people say two words that scars a child and adult heil hitler. It is even more dangerous to walk the streets things lurking in the dark corners and allies. Its even more dangerous if you were Jewish. Kids play in the streets so young and innocent compared to the teenagers that steal for a living. Adults could care less of what kids do because they can see what was going to happen they were bracing themselves to be grasped by death when they see it coming.In this little quiet town called Molching Liesel, Rudy, and Hans live. They live on Himmel Street. Himmel means 'heaven' and to Liesel it was better than the compartment she lived in. Molching has shops, parks, and a central part of town. Sounds pretty normal but this is before the book burning's and bombing's. The town had a river pass through it and all these clouds and smoke blocking the sun. There are so many memories Liesel and Rudy shared from the first time they met to Rudy asking her for a kiss. Then came the rally this rally was different from the others because something happened that never happened before. It was a enemy propaganda or book burning Liesel saw that one book survived. Her second act of thievery the book was still hot so it left a burn. The burn was a symbol of the physical effect hat words have because a man gave her a book that has his memories with a few drawings with it. Two people witnessed her that night the mayor and his wife. In the time she lives in, reading what she loves to do is considered enemies propaganda that is basically against the law. Liesel soon realizes that when the Jewish walk she can't run to Max so Rudy holds her back from him. To all the the people aIn green check her basement so its safe from some accidents that they are about to be in war.



In the beginning, on the train to there new home Liesel's brother was in death's grasp tightly so he wouldn't slip away. They stopped the cart long enough from them to bury the cold lifeless body. Liesel then committed her first act of thievery as the book thief when she saw The Grave Diggers Handbook after it fell from its owners jacket. She soon arrives at her new home because her mother had to stay behind for something she did. After about a few months of living with her new Papa and Mama came her first book burning. It was to celebrate Adolph Hitler's birthday. This burning stirred up hatred inside of Liesel. Now she had something in common with some people she hates Hitler. After the burning she saw a book that survived so she stole it. This was her second act of thievery for books. Two people saw her take the book the mayor and his wife. They let her use there private library but soon her new Ma' s laundry services were no longer needed so her and Rudy stole the books from the windows. Everything changed around October 1942 because the Jews were marching down to the nearby concentration camp. Hans saw one of them struggling so he helped hi but was punished by be whipped. Hans had to leave to go to war but came back with only a broken leg. he cheated deah so many times before but somehow how death is going to grasp him. Liesel saw Max one of Hans' old friends child that's grown up now in town so she walked up to him. Liesel was whipped for just talking to him Rudy avoided Max with Liesel to help her. Soon Liesel gives back the books she stole from the mayors library his wife gave her a blank book to write her own story. She writes a story about her life and called it, The Book Thief. One night she was writing in the basement and the street was bombed and all her loved ones died. She dropped the book and death found it when Liesel died death gave it to her.