Andrew Drechny


By: Christopher Paolini


Eragon.jpgThis is what Eragon might look like.

Hi, Im Eragon

I am 15, less than a year from manhood.Dark eyebrows rested above my intense brown eyes.My clothes are worn from work because Im the one who works and does most things to get the food.I hunt for my family of me, Uncle Garrow, and my cousin Roran.We dont have much money and we live outside the town of Carvahall.Most people like me but Sloan.I am skinny because we cant afford meat from Sloan because he doesn't like me.I am adventures and not afraid of the Spine.Most people are afraid of the spine but Im not I think its just a mountainous range.There not just afraid of the Spine there afraid of what comes out of the spine.We dont take charity because Uncle Garrow says "If we cant earn it we don't want it." Thats just how Uncle Garrow is.


Carvahall.jpgThis is a picture of Carvahall.

The setting is in a mythological continent called Alagaesia. They have to hunt so there in the spine a lot. Alagaesia is a big continent that is filled with towns like city-states, and mithical creatures like dragons, and Shades.Some are welthy some are por. They travel to Therinsford and Gil'ead and so on. The book has alot of diffrent settings but it sounds like it takes place in mideveal times because they mentoin swords, and daggers. Carvahall is a dirty, poor, old town or you could call it a city-state.


In Alagaesia, there once was a war between the dragons and the elves. After the war, to keep peace, they established the dragon riders. The riders and their dragons were to keep justice in the world. But after a while, one of the riders went on a expedition and his dragon was killed. After he was refused a new one, he decided to conquer the world, and he did. There is only one dragon left, and 3 eggs. The only hope is that an egg will hatch to help defeat the evil king.I, find the egg and the dragon hatches. I am poor farm boy, and I work for every scrap of food on my table, so I’m very confused. News of this reaches the king, and I am forced to flee, with the help of only a storyteller. Me ,and my new dragon Saphira, with no experience whatsoever must try to bring peace to the world