Amilleion Johnson

The Lost Hero

Rick Riordan


the-heroes-of-olympus_76931_1.jpgMy name is Piper McLean. I am a dark skinned Cherokee girl who is a tomboy. I have chocolate brown hair and I like wearing it with a braid down the sides. I am a vegetarian who hates the smell of cooking meat of any kind. Creepy, but my eyes can change from brown, to blue, to green. I am a demigod that goes to Camp Half-Blood, a camp school for deliquents. The school I attended before I got sent to Camp Half-Blood was Wilderness School, a boarding school for runaways or thieves. How did I get to that dumb school? I stole a BMW but I don't think it's stealing because I asked the car dealer if I could barrow it and he said yes. Well, I charmspoke the car dealer into giving me the car without even knowing I had the ability to charmspeak. Instead of getting sent to jail, my fathers assistant, Jane, made a deal that I go to Wilderness School. My dad's name is Tristen McLean, a Cherokee movie star. I recently got claimed by my mother, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. When I got claimed, I turned beautiful. I hated it. I had make-up on my face, my hair was beautiful, I had on a nice dress, and worst of all, the spell lasted for three days at the most.You'd think that I'd be happy because I suddenly looked like a princess, but that's not the case. I'd rather be myself then some so-calle princess! No offense to my new mom, but I was hoping my mom would be Athena or aArtemis - anyone but the goddess of beauty because I'm not a beauty queen myself. I think I am was more aggressive and don't care about how I look unlike the other Aphrodite kids. Even though I am Aphrodite's daughter, I am still a tomboy. The cabin was more like a life-size dollhouse rather than a cabin of love. My boyfriends name is Jason Grace but he doesn't remember me. When I first met him, I was put under a spell called a Mist which means false memeories so Jason was never really my boyfriend. I describe Jason as a cute blondie with blue eyes and a cute scar above his lip. I can adment that I would get jealous if a other girl flirts with him or he flits with another girl. He doesn't remember me so why would he think I was his girlfriend if he barley remebers himself? My dad calls me Pipes, and only my dad can call me Pipes,no one else. I got my name from Grandpa Tom. He said the first time I cried, apparently I had a powerful voice. My Gramps thought it was lounder than any reed flute pipe. So, there you go. I was named after a instrument and my crying all balled in one. I steal, I lie, and I don't wear brand name clothes. I hate skirts, make-up, magazines, MTV, and I usally wear jeans, a t-shirt and some messed up shoes. After I got claimed by my mom, I realized that I was able to charmspeak. My dad and I like to play a game I called "Any Three Question," so we can be closer to eachother. I would always ask question about my mom and what really happened. I have a weapon. It is called a Katoptris, the Greek word for mirror or looking glass. I found it in a toolshed in Athena's cabin. It was eighteen inches long. The dadder fit pefectly in my hand and I loved it instantly. The certain kind of blade was called a parazonium. It was owned my Helen by was never really used in a battle and everyone thinks it's cursed and has a story behind it. When I first looked into the dagger, I saw my reflection and then I looked away and then looked again. For a moment it was my own image and then it was fire and an ugly face. I suddenly heard laughter and I saw my dad in chains hung to a pole infront of a bonfire. Of course, I dropped that blade. I swear I almost had a heart attack. I also found out that my father was set up to leave town to take his jet to Oakland and his assistent lied and said that she didn't know where he really was. Jane, my dad's assistent, told him the my life was on line and that I was in great danger. Which, sadly to say, I am in great danger.


We think that the setting of The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan take place at a camp we call Camp Half-Blood. Camp Half-Blood is a learning center for all demigods. It takes place in Long Island Sound, New York. Camp Half-Blood is always in the east side because the Romans are on the west. The camp is directed by Dionysus, also known as "Mr. D.," by the campers, and Chiron the centaur, and he is also a healer, and an activity director. Argus is the camp's body guard and Peleus is a dragon that guards Thalia's tree after the Golden Fleece freed her from it. Camp Half-Blood has magical boarders enforced by the Golden Fleece to keep bad things out such as mortals, monsters, bad weather, and more. The only mortal that is allowed in Camp Half-Blood is Rachel Elizabeth Dare who is the camp's host of the Oracle of Delphi. We proved that when you walk into the front gate of Camp Half-Blood, all you see is a long row of cabins, mountains and young teenagers in oranges shirts that say "Camp Half-Blood." We think the camp could be described as a loving home to all Olympian and Roman gods, half-bloods, and demigods. It is really the only safe place a half-blood can be. During a field trip for Wilderness School, a juvenile place for bad kids, three storm spirits attack a satyr protecter, Gleeson Hedge, and three demigods. Annabeth Chase, a former camper at camp, and Butch, the son of Iris, rescue the three demigods and brought them to Camp Half-Blood. The half-bloods discovered that Piper McLean was the daughter of Aphrodite and Leo Valdez was the son of Hephaestus and had his way with tool. Shocking of all, Jason Grace being the son of Zeus all well as his sister, Thalia Grace. We would guess that the kids wouldn't want to be at the camp because they barley like the school they attended before. Everything was different for them: finding out they're demigods, getting claimed by gods, your mom or dad being a famous Olympian god. It's all just different and awkward for them because they aren't used to the thing the people at camp do like fighting dragons, lave climbing and all that stuff. The camp has twelve main cabins for the well known Greek gods and goddess.The camp offered so may things: magic archery, pegasus riding, the Lava Wall, monster fighting and more! Camp Half-Blood has a place they call a dining pavilion where the campers eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.


20101208120522!Hera.jpgHey, it's Piper, again. My friends and I have billions of problems. It all starts off when Jason wakes up on bus full of teenagers and a girl he doesn't even know holding his hands, and that was me. I have a lot of problems as well. First, I fall of a cliff at the Grand Canyon during a field trip and Jason had to save me. I was actually great full that I fell because Jason caught me with his hands around my waist. My buddy, Leo Valdez, has problems as well as everyone else in the world. A couple day after he got claimed by his father, Hephaestus, he went into the woods in the north-west and found a large, fifty ton bronze dragon that needed repairing. You know Leo, always working good with machines and tools, repaired the dragon he named Festus. Meanwhile, Leo keeps having scary flashbacks of his old babysitter, Tia Called,ever since he say her in a rocking chair while on a tour for Camp Half-Blood. The stickiest thing that is stuck on Leo's mind was Tia trying to kill him by setting his room on fire while he was asleep. She also stuffed him in a chimney and set it on fire too. Leo is always blaming himself for killing his mother. He was only eight years old at the time and he didn't know he was able to summon fire until it burned down the warehouse he and his mom were in. Jason, Leo and I realized that Tia Called was really Hera all along. It was funny because Hera seems to be everywhere now and days. I had a horrible vision. the other night while I was sleep. I knew that it would be best if I told my friends the truth. Three nights before the school had a field trip to the Grand Canyon, I had a vision. A giant told me that my father had been held hostage. The giant, named Enceladus, said if I don't corporate, my dad would be killed. I thought that telling my friends this would get my dad killed in a heartbeat. The giant demanded for me to kill Jason and Leo. I couldn't kill my best friend and my boyfriend. But the boys agreed that we would get my dad back and they wouldn't get killed. When I started to have bad vibes about Hera, things went bad. While I was in the Hera Cabin at camp, Rachel Dare, the oracle was by Hera and kept saying Free me! Free me! Jason, Leo and I figured that something was up. Then we got the message: Hera was trapped by Khione in a cage followed by being haunted by giants and need the lost heros for help. She was captured by Gaea and was used to help free the giants. In return, Hera took Jason and Percy Jackson's memory. The only way we could make things right would be to have to go on a quest and that's what we had to do. We were assigned to release Hera by the winter solstice. The prophecy unfolds throughout our lives like this: Jason, a child of Jupiter, has to beware of the awakening of Gaea. The Giants awaken to defeat the Olympians and us heros and it causes the appearance of the seven heroes of the Great Prophecy.The forge represents Leo, and the dove represents me, us children of Hephaestus and Aphrodite. Lets hope it all turns out well at the end of our quest.