Amair Williams

The Lightning Thief

Rick Riordan



Hi, my name is Percy Jackson, I live in Queens, New York with my mother Sally and

her stinky boyfriend Gabe. Im the son of

Poseidon, the god of the sea. I'm referred to as

a demigod or a halfblood,

Percy Jackson
but I didn't figure this out until I was about 12!!!!!! Anyway, I have brown hair and green eyes and I have a satyr friend named Grover. I also ha

Perseus Jackson
ve a halfblood friend that I met Camp Halfblood Hill, her is Annabeth Chase. She is the daughter of a major Greek goddess, Athena. My favorite food is either my Mother's chocolate chip cookies or the variety of blue candies she brings back from work each day. As you can see, on the right there is a picture of me. I know, I'm very awesome looking. Here's some info on my friend Annabeth.

HELLO!! My name is Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. I am intelligent, brave, stubborn, and can think on my feet. Thalia and Luke found me after I ran away from home when I was seven, eventually we were picked up and escorted backlol[kopjion.jpg to Camp Half Blood by Grover the satyr. I idolized Thalia and admired Luke ever since I met them. Percy(who I caimg-thing.jpegll "seaweed brain") is one of my best friends, though we often get annoyed with each other. Someday, I want to become a architect. Percy calls me "Wise Girl" and Clarrise calls me "Smart Girl" because of my battle strategy. I have curly, dirty blonde hair. I wear a pony tail and my orange Camp Half Blood t-shirt. I have a celestial-bronze knife which was given to me Luke. I also have a blue-navy Yankees hat that turns me invisible, which was giving to me by my mom(Athena) for my 12th birthday. My fatal weaknes is deadly pride, which means I think I can do anything, and when I don't it really strikes me hard. Interesting fact, I have terrible fear of spiders, which all of Athena's kids do.


In Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief we witness a mythologica,era in the 21st century. The story tgakes place everywhere: the se, the sky, the underground and all acrosss America.Percy always seems to feel homesick, this desire to go home tells us alotabout how much he loves his mom,also means confronting the worse step dad in the world, Gabe. The gods on Mount Olympus and in the Underworld are wondering if Percy Jackson really stole the lightning bolt. It is the time of hatred and misunderstanding in the world, hurracaines, volcanic eruptions, tornados, flash floods and ea


rthquakes. Sense the lightning bolt is loose and everyone thinks it's Percy, Percy faces a bunch of mythological demons that Hades sends at him. During a time near the Summer Soltice Percy can not trust anyone, for he has witness the Minotaur and one of the Fates.

The actual place where the book is at Yancy Academy. Yancy Academy is a private school for troubled kids in upstate New York and i's a boarding scho

ol. There, Percy is surrounded by kids very different from him: they're kids from very affluent families, but whose parents dont neccesarily care much about them. When Percy leaves, he is thinking that he will miss the vew of the woods out his dorm window, the Hudson River in the distance and the smell of the pine trees.

The setting also takes place in the Underworld. The shoreline of the Underworld looks like a black sand beach and a huge wall


stretching as far as the eye can see. Percy tells us"The entrance to the Underworld looks like a cross between an airport security and the Jersey Turnpike." There are metal detectors, security cameras and tollbooths everywhere. The dead have options: the "Attendant on Duty" line and the " Ez Death" line. For those who'd like a chance to make it to Elysium(Prime Real State), they need to pass through the long attendant line so they can be evaluated by the three judges( Shakespeare, King Minos and Thomas Jefferson)

The last setting in the book is Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus is the home of the gods, so it's only right that it looks like the most ritziest and most decadent place in the world. Gorgeous minor gods hang out here and there, merchants sell beautiful replicas of Ancient Greek treasures in the streets, the Muses give a concert in the park and naiads flirt with people passing by. Just a normal day in Olympus, everyone is calm, peaceful and beautiful.


The conflict, at least in the book, is that I, Percy Jackson is the prime suspect of stealing Zeus' lightning bolt. Poseidon, my father, is accused of stealing the bolt, soon afterwards Poseidon admits he broke the sacred oath the three gods ( Zeus, Poseidon and Hades) had made, and a child(Me) . The Zeus thinks I stole the bolt. And now, I must find the real thief an the real bolt, and return it to Zeus in Olympus before the Summer Soltice and the war of the gods rages. During my adventure, Annaimages-2.jpegbeth, Grover and I had man little problems on the way like how: We had to slice Medusa's head off, how we were stuck in the Layer of the Lotus for 5 days and how we had to kill Echidna and her pet chimera. Anyway, that's the long hard fought adventure that I did last week. And now, I think I want to each some blue candy or some of my mom's chocolate chip cookies!