Alexis Oversen

The Last Book In The Universe

Rodman Philbrick



I am an old gummy, as Spaz (a teenage friend I met in the stackbox) calls me. My name is Ryter. I do "out of the box" things such as going on an adventure with him to find his sister. Most people think I do not know right from wrong. I like to do whatever I can to help people, even if it means getting hurt. Whenever Spaz is in danger I try to help him. I take risks for other peoples lives. I'm a lot stronger than people think I am from the old person point of view. I can be as quiet as the strange and dark Pipe, or I can be talkative about books, words, and other stuff. I can be a little crazy sometimes. I have white hair and a beard. I wear very simple clothing, not like the ones the future is all about. It is just the opposite. I don't care what anybody thinks about me. I try to live my life the way it is. I am not married and do not have any children but, I feel like Spaz and I have a very special connection.


This is in a world of cyberpunk (high tech and dirty) dystopia (idea of a society in a controlled manner). This book is in the future where there are no more books. Just mindprobes. All you have to do to have a mindprobe is get an electrode needle in your brain. Then, you can experience anything with your mind. There is a secured place called Eden, for proovs only. Proovs are genetically improved people.Ryter hates the future because he always talks about events from the past. Spaz hates it because of all the mean and bad people (like the Bully Bangers) and that he can't mindprobe because of his spasms. Mongo the Magnificent (ruler of the teks) is only alive because of the mindprobe that keeps his heart beating. Since he has been on that mindprobe for so long, he is called a "needlebrain". There is a lot of new technology in this book. There is also something called a takvee which is an armored cyber-driven van. There are two sides to this futuristic world. The proovs' side and the normals side.


I go out of my adopted families' latch to live with the normals. A forbidden probe runner comes to me with a message that my sister, Bean, is dying. I go on an adventure to find the latch my sister is in. The gummy (old man named Ryter) that I saw at the stackbox (used by people that have no home) comes with me. I go through the Pipe with Ryter. A boy that is homeless and does not have a family, finds us and comes with us. This boy I gave a choxbar to, doesn't know how to speak. The only word he does know is choxbar. On the way, we find a lot of smoke and I find out that there are poor people that want food and they have torches in their hands. They are crowding around a takvee. A proov named Lanaya is on top of the takvee. Ryter saves her and she joins us on our mission. While we are crossing into another latch, we come across the Latch Queen and she tells us if we don't find the probe runner we'll DIE! We also have Vida Bleek help us with getting a probe to trade the probe runner. He doesn't give it to us. We go to Charly and Kays' house. These are my adopted father and mother. When I finally see Bean (sick and miserable) I feel bad about her being so sick. Kay tells me that Bean's medicine doesn't help. Bean is so excited to meat a person from Eden, Lanaya. Bean suddenly goes into a coma before my eyes. Lanaya and Ryter have a plan to save Bean and take her to Eden. We finally get to Eden. Eden is so perfect and beautiful. I get to meet Lanaya's "contributors". Another word would be parents. I see Bean get the improved genes. The injection works for the first time on normal people. Jin, Lanaya, and Bean play chess. Bree (she is Bean's healer) wants to adopt Little Face. Bean and I get body cuffed by proov enforcers because we are in the Eden territory. Lanaya speaks to the jury about us staying in Eden but Ryla and the masters say no so we go back to the Urb. I barely have enough time to say by to my sister before I leave to go back to the stackbox where I started the whole adventure. The whole entire latch is burning. I get pulled to the ground by a mob. Some people turned off the mindprobes that were supposed to make the normals become like animals and so normals brains won't get killed. I soon find out that I have a father but my mother died. he is a latchboss. Ryter gets caught in the mob and never comes out.